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On a recent trip to Sicily I decided that although I loved sunning myself on the glorious beaches and indulging in the local hospitality, on this occasion I would delve further into the culture of the island. I made the decision that I would explore the history of the island and visit some of the places which have played a significant part in it. So I packed my small backpack and jumped on the bus from Catania bound for Agrigento to see the UNESCO world heritage site, the Valley of Temples.

The place of historical interest that I was most keen to visit was the Valley of the Temples. I had previously visited a number of temples in Egypt, something that had only served to wet my appetite for more. As a result I had high expectations when setting off to see what Sicily had to offer in this respect. Much to my delight, I was by no means disappointed.

The Valley of Temples in Agrigento is open to the public all year round meaning that I was not restricted to when I could visit. I went in summer time in the hope that the weather would add to the occasion. As it happens, I was so caught up in the magnificence of the structures that I did not even notice the weather. The temples date back as far back as the Roman times and I found myself lost in thoughts of the Roman soldiers parading around area. The fact that some of the temples are in a state of ruin did not detract from my experience, in fact it added to it as I was happier to see the original ruins than I would have been to see a modern reconstruction.


The sense of history you experience as you walk around this historical site is quite surreal. Trying also to fathom out how they designed such temples at a time when they did not have the machinery and tools which we now have, is mind-blowing. The attraction itself is well organised and relatively easy to find once you are in Agrigento, with this attraction, as you can imagine, a focal point to the town. I would recommend to do a tour of the temples with an official tour guide so that you can get a real indepth insight into the history of the temples. Having also in the past visited temples in countries such as Turkey and Greece, I probably enjoyed this one the most.

You only need an hour or so to see the temples but the town is also worth seeing so you can easily make a day trip of a visit to Agrigento.

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