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If you are planning a trip to Sicily, you might want to take a 2 center holidays i.e. a holiday which combines Sicily with a visit also to the Italian mainland, to a location such as Rome , Tuscany or Florence . By booking three flights such as London to Rome, Rome to Catania, and then Catania to London, using a triangular flights plan means the chance to enjoy two great locations in Italy. Apart from Sicily, the following are some ideas if you are thinking to visit multiple places on your trip to Italy.

Neapolitan Riviera

If the idea of being pampered and waited on hand and foot appeals to you, you may wish to consider booking into one of Italy’s most exclusive hotels. Sorrento in particular, is famed for its high class hotels including the Grand Hotel Ambasciatori, which looks over the Bay of Naples, providing stunning views of Mount Vesuvius and the Grand Hotel Royal situated on a cliff top overlooking the breathtaking scenery below. Not only are these hotels equipped with the latest facilities, but they will provide an unforgettable holiday experience.

The Alps

If you love winter sports, then Italy has some of the finest ski resorts in the world, which are often home to some exquisite hotels. In the Cervinia ski resort, located on the south face of the Matterhorn, lies the Hotel Hermitage which offers its guests a luxurious spa after a hard day skiing down the resort’s slopes. Alternatively, in the natural reserve of Gran Paradiso, the local hotels are old mountain chalets that offer traditional ‘hay baths’ for their guests, which sees visitors bathe in a mixture of soothing milk, honey and wine.


If you prefer your luxury holidays with a dose of sun and sand, then Sardinia is a great option for you. The island is populated with multiple luxury resorts which, as well as having state of the art facilities, have stunning restaurants which serve the finest in local cuisine. The island is famed for its pristine beaches, however if you want some culture on your holiday, you can view the remains of the Spanish Invasion, such as the huge towers that were built to protect the harbour.

Tuscan Riviera

When you think of Tuscany, you may think of rustic villas and vineyards, however the region also boasts resorts, a stunning coastline and is a short drive to the country’s fashion hub – Florence! Well worth checking out, if you like your holidays with a heavy dose of sun, sea and shopping!

Rent a Roman Villa

If the beautiful countryside of Italy with its vineyards and olive gardens appeals, you may wish to consider renting a luxury Roman villa during your time in the country. Luxury villas are spread all around the country, such as on the Amalfi Coast, the outskirts of Naples, overlooking the ruins of Pompeii or in the countryside of Tuscany, so whatever kind of holiday you are hoping to have in Italy, there is a villa nearby to cater for your needs. Companies such as specialise in such luxurious accommodation that often come with their own pool, stunning gardens and are situated in some of the country’s most beautiful areas.

Italian City Tour

Rome, Milan, Florence, Vatican City, Venice – Italy is full of stunning cities renowned for their beauty and culture. If you wish to see a lot of the country, then a city tour is definitely for you. It is best to give yourself approximately two weeks to get around the country, as you’ll give yourself plenty of time to see world famous sites such as the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican itself… and that’s just in Rome!

Drive Italian Sport cars

Italy is famed for its sports cars, such as the Lamborghini and the Ferrari. If you are a motor head, then one destination you must visit is Maranello. Known as ‘Motor Land’, Maranello is the home of Ferrari SPA. In the town, you can not only visit the motor museums, stunning car collections and the factories where they are built, but you can hire a Ferrari to drive around the region’s racing tracks! One famous route that is often driven by visitors to the region, is the mountain route that was used to test new Ferraris in the 50s when they rolled out of the factory.

An Eco-Tour

Italy has a stunningly beautiful countryside and a vibrant ecosystem. One way to see the natural beauty the country has to offer is to go on an eco-tour, where you can follow coastal routes down the Amalfi Coast looking at wildlife preserves, or visit the Gran Paradiso National Park where you can see animals such as the Ibex and the Marmot. Another popular way to see the country’s natural beauty is to go diving. All around Sardinia, there are PADI schools that will teach you how to scuba dive and show the region’s beautiful coral reefs and other sights of the sea.

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