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Buying property in Sicily, especially if you do not live there, can be easily accomplished as long as you are aware of the many issues that need to be addressed. Here are five tips that could help you buy property in Sicily.

1. Study the area’s Geology and Geography – The first thing to do when buying a property in Sicily is to determine the quality and structure of the land that you are purchasing. Take the time to have a survey done on the property and accept the cost and time of doing this to save in the long term.

2. Types of Property – There are many different kinds of properties including villas, apartments, houses and farm houses. Deciding which kind of house you want to buy will depend on several factors and will help you be clear on the kind of purchase that you are willing to make. Are you looking for rental income? If so an apartment in a quite central place might be better to avoid seasonality issues for example.

3. Location – Most places in Sicily are fairly safe; however it is a good idea to identify where you would like to buy your property. Factors to consider when you are buying a house include details like the safety of the locality, the kind of facilities that are close by, if you have children, if there is a good school in the vicinity. In Sicily specifically may cities such as Catania are such that you really need a car to get around. Do you drive? Is there parking available? Consider all factors.

4. Agents – When you are looking for an agent in Sicily, it is a good idea to find an agent who is affiliated to the FIAIP (Federazione Italiana Agenti Immobiliari Professionali).

5. Financing – The most popular way of financing a property in Sicily is to take a mortgage. Before deciding on a mortgage company, it is important to figure out the kind of mortgage you want to take out, and given your financial situation, the best mortgage to suit your needs. If buying as a foreign home, you might want to take advice from an IFA (In dependant Financial Advisor) to evaluate any tax implications and other factors which otherwise might be unforeseen.

Reasons to Invest in Sicily, Italy

Many places in the sun in Europe have opened up to tourism on a large scale but one place which have remained largely untouched is the Mediterranean island of Sicily. Just across the waters from Africa and within a ferry ride of Malta and sat at the bottom of mainland Italy, there are still some very cheap properties available, whether you are looking for an apartment, villas a rustic style cottage. If you can handle great food, beaches and views then you might just be able to handle Sicily.

British Airways have direct flights in Catania Airport on the East coast and thus flying to your Sicily villa is now easier. AirOne low-cost airline is new airlines who have started flying to Sicily this year. See ‘Getting there ‘ page.

The island is big and there are many areas to choose from. Depending where you invest, there are different benefits. There are reasons and benefits to living or investing in Sicily.

  • Excellent climate year round
  • Beautiful beaches, good wine and great food
  • Affordable and rent-able properties for sale. Commercial property also available
  • Catania – close access to the beach, Etna volcano, vineyards, town centre and major airport.
  • Palermo – near the beach, historical city full of interesting building in a unique Arab-Norman style.
  • Taormina – one of the most exclusive tourist locations in Italy, beautiful scenery and beautiful beach, picturesque centre.
  • Affordable priced villas and homes in Sicily

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