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Sicily in Italy is the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the largest region in Italy. Sicily is home to over five million people and is a very popular tourist destination as a result of its exquisite climate, scenic locations and interesting culture. Listed below are ten reasons to visit Sicily

1. Of all the reasons to visit Sicily, Mount Etna is definitely one of the most important. This active volcano is the second tallest in the world and is an incredibly popular sightseeing location among tourists. Apart from spectacular views, tourists can enjoy a walk around the old crater which is a popular skiing location.

2. Palermo the capital of Sicily rates among the chief attractions of the island. Located on the north coast, Palermo is famous for its excellent museums, chapels, cathedrals and churches the Cathedral, Gesu Church and Cappella Palatina.

3. The people of Sicily are a friendly and hospitable people and you should find that people provide a warm welcome here. Do not choose Sicily as a destination though if you are looking for a location for heavy drinking and getting drunk such as tends to be popular in a resort such as Benidorm , Spain. The locals are less understanding of drunkenness and this way of enjoying a holiday. Otherwise, you should find the locals welcoming and hospitable.

4. The hillside town of Taormina is very popular among the tourists and is another good reason to visit Sicily. The town is located between Catania and Messina and is host to some of Sicily’s best beaches and Italy’s finest beach resorts. With a lovely beach, home to one of most popular film festivals in Italy each year and with some of the most stunning views of the Etna and the sea, this is a very popular spot with tourists to the island.

Etna crater

The old crater on the Etna

5. The island’s beautiful architectural structures are another reason to visit Sicily. From the spectacular views of the Greek Theatre in Syracuse, the clock tower in Taormina to the Museo Archeologico and Quattro Canti in Palermo, every town in Sicily has something to offer architecture enthusiasts.

6. For shopping enthusiasts, Sicily houses some of the finest stores. Taormina in particular is famous for its boutiques. Palermo is not far behind in this respect and is home to some of the Mediterranean’s most famous sweet shops.

7. One of the biggest reasons to visit Sicily is the climate. Between the months of April and October you can expect mild, warm or hot weather and with longs hours of sunshine. July and August can see temperatures hitting up to forty-five degree Celsius. Temperatures rarely drop below ten degrees Celsius.

8. For people who are looking for a quiet leisurely holiday on white sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters, Sicily is the perfect destination. Taormina and Catania in Sicily are said to have the finest beaches, but the other coastal regions are not far behind.

Catania cats

8. Sicilian food – Blood red oranges and a variety of fruits and wines which are cultivated with the volcanic soil of the Etna. The Etna makes for splendid farm land and the richness and flavours of many foods and wines which result from this area are worth a visit! Virtually every town in this region has exclusive dishes and different recipes and the wines available here are among the finest in Europe.

9. Ragusa and Syracuse are probably the most popular tourist towns in Sicily. Ragusa is considered to be one of the jewels of the Val di Noto region and has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Syracuse on the other hand is a perfect blend of the old and the new cultures and is known for its well preserved Greek ruins like the Piazza Del Duomo and the Apollo Temple.

10. The history of Sicily – Sicily has, over time, been conquered by so many factions that the island is in many ways a culmination of many different cultures. Mix into this the geographic closeness to Africa and this in whole makes for what is a fascinating island.

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