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10 Reasons to take a Holiday in Italy

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There are many excellent places to visit in Europe for a great vacation or holiday with countries including Spain, Portugal, UK and Germany. A country though which is also worth considering and which perfectly combines great summer weather, food, culture, history and a wonderful coastline is Italy. Below:

  1. Even though the change from Lira to Euro did put prices up in Italy, Italy for the most part still offers good value cost wise.  Food and the cost of travel are still quite a bit lower than in many European countries.
  2. If you love history than Italian cities and places such as Agrigento (Sicily), Rome, Venice and Florence offer a wonderful opportunity for you to see a number of ancient sites and attractions. All across Italy and on the islands of Sicily, you will find a treasure trove of historical sites and attractions.
  3. The Italian coastline results in some world class beaches. Down in Sicily you have the likes of La Playa, Catania and Taormina beaches and on the mainland some amazing beaches of the island of Capri and down the Italian Eastern seaboard.
  4. Food.  Most of us have tried Italian food and many people choose Italy as a location because of the amazing food. There are so many excellent dishes and foods that you will be spoilt for choice.
  5. Sport – Italy also attracts a number of people because of sport with events including the F1 grand prix, the Italian open Tennis and the 6 nations rugby games, taking place in Rome and around Italy.
  6. The weather is a big plus when visiting Italy. Although good weather cannot be of course guaranteed, there is a likelihood of great weather in the main summer months.
  7. Italy in the North is also excellent for skiing in the winter months with the Italian alps offering some excellent skiing.
  8. Specific attractions including the Etna Volcano, the Aeolian Islands and the Vatican all are excellent reasons in their own right, for visiting Italy. Learn about cheap flights to Sicily.
  9. city such as Romealso acts as a perfect location if you plan to do a European tour. With its two major airports, it is quite easy to visit Rome and enjoy the history and culture and then easily get to the next location.
  10. The people are what also attract some people to revisiting Italy often. Italians may be loud and direct, but they are also very hospitable.

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