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Coastal view of Siracusa

Holiday Accommodation – if you are arriving for a holiday or to view properties and see the island, you will want somewhere to stay! Learn about the options in Sicily for somewhere to stay!

Car Rental Hire – It is not easy driving in Sicily if you are not used to the style of driving but it’s a great way to get around the island. More on renting a car in on the island.

Sicilian Culture – The local people are proud of their heritage and many see themselves as Sicilian first and Italia second. The people are part of the attraction of the island for me and an interesting part of the culture.

Attractions and Sights – There are attractions to suit all interests from historical and monumental sites for the historians, through to urban markets, beach areas, the Etna and plenty of choices for all.

Local Foods and Wines –  Certainly one of the things which attracts many people this part of Italy is the food and wines available in this region. With very fertile lands around the Etna from the volcano soil and with long hours of sunshine across Sicily year round, you will not be disappointed with rich and earthy tasting produce.

General Travel information –  A variety of guides on all aspects of travel including with a look at reasons to visit Sicily and the sports and activities options you can expect when arriving.

Catania beach