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Farm in Mazara del Vallo, Trapani

This property is located in Mazara del Vallo, in the province of Trapani, in the eastern end of Sicily. It used to be a big farm house, called locally baglio, and it is immersed in beautiful Sicilian countryside. It is a perfect opportunity for those who would like to start a business in farm holidays in Sicily, as the project will include accommodation for visitors, a beauty farm, swimming pool, park, a wine bar, a restaurant and meeting rooms.

Geographical location of the agricultural firm

The Relay BIZIR is situated in sour of the Commune of Mazara Del Vallo (TP) into Casale region and it is set among the communes in Marsala, Mazara Del Vallo and Salemi. Dista around 15 Km. from Marsala and around 9 km from Mazara.

It almost rises in the open country on a cultivated fund to having vineyard a level course and it is on a small knoll in prominent position in comparison to the surrounding territory.The firm, introduces him constituted by an only body. The business orografia, introduces him with varying altimetria (around 150 ms. from level of the sea) but, overall introduces itself with a position type hilly.

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The Territorial Context

The site is strongly characterized by the visual relationship with the pianoro that degrades toward the coastal Mazarese, the reliefs Salemitani and of Mountain St. Giuliano (Erice).The firm is set in a district that vocato highly results for the wine-growing; in the same district besides different social (among the others the wine cellars social Colomba Bianca and San Francesco) wine cellars are found it is the good centralità of the agricultural firm to consider in comparison to the sites of archaeological, landscape, and productive interest of the province.

The importance of the centralità of the place within the Province of Trapani it allows to have notable advantages: a) the proximity from the airports in Trapani Birgi and Palermo Punta Raisi, b) the proximity with the places of historical, artistic and landscape interest (es. Erice, Segesta, Islands Egadi, Mothia, Selinunte, Marsala and the Salt pans in Trapani etc.), c) the equidistanza from all the most important Sicilian wine cellars

The agricultural firm

The agricultural firm has an extension of 3 hectares around and has an address colturale mixed. The crops, that are recovered in firm are the grapevine, the olivo and the seminativo; nevertheless the crop that has the greatest prevalence is the vineyard. The business vineyards are raised in specialized controspalliera. Wine grape’s varieties cultivated in firm are: “the Catarratto”, and “the Grecanico.” The varieties of olivo that characterize the business olive-groves are: her “Biancolilla”, and her “Nocellara of the Belice.”Currently the vineyards have been eradicated previous authorization of the AGEA waiting for reimpianto.

Description of the area and property characteristics

The zone where the beam object of the intervention is situated it is inside the country Mazarese, characterized from a terrace that it softly degrades toward the coast to south and from a steep hill that stretches out toward an ample lowland in direction North-East.The site offers a view on the rural landscape very suggestive and winning with a break down it marked from the hilly reliefs of Salemi and from the Mountain St. Giuliano (Erice), also maintaining the rural aspect of the country.

Placed in the tallest point of the plain one of Mazara, Relay Bizir enjoys of a panoramic sight Mozzafiato. Absorbed among the vineyards it dominates to 360 degrees the surrounding territory. On the whole west south front the blue of the Channel of Sicily with the Islands Egadi to the horizon, in the particularly clear days to east south the profile of Pantelleria, to north Mountain Erice and Great Mountain.

Feud Bizir is an ancient possession given in 1200 by Roger II to the archbishop’s palace of Mazara Del Vallo.The nineteenth-century rural structure called “Beam” sita on a hill that dominates the whole Val of Mazara (province in Trapani), is in the heart in one of the areas more vitates than Europe. The beam is in advanced state of restructuring, with building concession released for practicing activity of rural tourism.

Characteristic the roofs at times, the ancient stores for the workmanship of wine and oil and the stalls with roofs in wood. Particularly appreciated the two crushers in 1800 wood, the Room lectures, drawn by the ancient cooper, with arcs of order stone acute, typical of the rural architecture of the 800 Sicilian, the Beaty Farm on the vineyards (of around 250 mqs.), an open swimming pool and a vineyard of around three hectares, with a presence of trees of ulivo.The Relay is in strategic position in comparison to the greatest centers in the province in Trapani, famous for its historical patrimony, archaeological and for the crystalline sea and dista alone twenty minutes from the airport “Ignazio Florio” of Trapani – Birgi and forty minutes to Punta Raisi International Aeroport.

The fund on which the building rises is cultivated to vineyard and introduces a predominantly level position. The geologic nature of the site is countersigned by benches of compact calcarenite with impending varying layer of loose (sands and trubbi) and vegetable grounds.

The building is a meaningful example of rural architecture rich in elements of historical and artistic merit and it is brought in the list of the goods censussed that the Superintendence re-assumes in the Lines it Drives some Territorial Plan Paesistico.

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