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5 Beaches you must try in Sicily

La Playa

Sicily has a host of beautiful beaches, many of which are reported to be the most popular in Italy. Being an island, there are also many smaller and isolated beaches dotted around the island and many of these are also well worth exploring. The beaches in Sicily can be divided into two types. First you have the privately owned beaches and then public beaches. Privately owned or run beach areas are very popular and tend to offer season passes or you can pay for entrance on the day. These private beaches provide facilities which often include the hire of sun-beds, a dining or eating area, sports areas i.e. outdoor sand based volleyball, mini-rugby and football courts. If you are planning a summer holiday in Sicily, do remember to visit at least a couple of these beaches.

Mondello Lido

Situated just under ten kilometers away from Sicily’s capital, Mondello Lido, boasts white sandy beaches that are more than 2 kilometers long. Hotels, bars and cafes dot the shoreline and as a visitot visitors will be able to spend their evenings socialising over a delicious meal made from seafood consisting of octopus, mussels and clams.


Mortelle is a resort in Northeast Sicily comprising of several beaches that are perfect for the whole family to visit. These beaches have shallow waters that children can play in and are popular local hang-outs. Thepicturesque view of the Messina Strait from this region is sure to amaze you.

Spiaggia Sabbie Nere

This is a one of a kind beach that has black sand made up of ancient volcanic residue. The beach is situated on the island of Vulcano and the best way to get there is by boat. Visitors will enjoy recreational activities offered here which include a hike to the volcanic tip of the Grand Cater.

Lido Mazzaro

This opulent and luxurious beach is located a little away from Taormina’s centre. Visitors will be able to get there via a 15 minute cable car ride down the hill. This beach features a wide stretch of sandy beach area and hosts several water sports activities that tourists will enjoy. The beach is lined with numerous restaurants and bars.

Giardini Naxos

This is one of the more exuberant beaches lying between Capo Taormina and Capo Schiso. The waters here are excellent for swimming and restaurants and bars border the busy waterfront. If you are looking for s break from all the activity, you can always head to one of the many hotels in the region to relax.

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