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Adrano, Sicily – Village on the Parco dell’Etna


Adrano in Sicily, Italy is one of the twenty villages that are part of the Etna Natural Park. Adrano is located at 560 Calcio Adranometres of altitude on the slopes of the Etna volcano, 35 km north west of Catania. Adrano’s economy is based on agriculture, especially on the cultivation of citrus. Adrano exists since the Neolithic period and takes its name from Adranos the ancient Sicilian god of war.


Adrano, Sicily – attractions

The centre of Adrano is made up by narrow quaint streets covered in volcanic stone.
There are a few artistic, historic and natural attractions to visit, such as:

  • The Norman Castle, which hosts an archaeological museum
  • The Cathedral
  • St. Lucia Abbey
  • The Bellini theatre
  • The public gardens
  • Mendilino or Mendolito archaeological excavations from the Neolithic age
  • Saracen Bridge on the river Simeto
  • The Intraleo Caves

Food and crafts

Adrano cuisine involves the use of a lot of citrus. Typical recipes of the Adrano culinary tradition are: risotto with orange juice, mandarin pie, pasta with caliceddi (a local wild vegetable), ferla mushrooms, ‘Basone’ biscuits and Solicchiata wine.
Typical Adrano crafts are clay objects, part of the Sicilian clay handicrafts tradition.

Adrano, Sicily – events and festivals

  • St. Vincenzo celebrations in January
  • Fruit and vegetable festival in March
  • The Oranges festival in February and March
  • Diavolata e Angelicata’, at Easter

How to get there

You can get to Adrano from Catania, by using a Circumetnea train, which you can get in Catania at the Borgo train station. The Circumetnea is a train line that stops in various villages all around the perimeter of the Etna volcano. If you are driving, you can get to Adrano following the SS (Strada Statale) 121.

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